About Us

Company History 

Metal Carbon Company (MCC) established in 2011 in accordance with Egypt law provisions, MCC sets the bar as a quality provider Carbon & Graphite industries and applications with proven track record in the operations of this industry

Company Vision

We aim to provide continuous safe access to our targets and to supply clean and sustainable high performance through an ethical work process that puts both the customers and the environment at the heart of its operations.

Company Mission

MCC is on a mission to deliver the best operations using best technology, that is manned through our people in an inclusive, safe and secure work environment.
We aim to provide first class products of this industry.
Long term and equal opportunities to the employees.
A safe and healthy workplace.
A good corporate citizen for our community

Company Strategy

MCC strategy is to maintain a strong presence in the domestic market as well as providing optimum products.
Our expansion in the international market shall be directed at the bigger markets with long term potential.
Our financial strength shall be used to secure expansion opportunities in the Carbon & Graphite international markets that can provide long term opportunities with higher return on investments